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Reformation Study Bible – 1 Cor 15:24–28
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1 Cor 15:24–28

15:24–28 See “Jesus’ Heavenly Reign” at Acts 7:55. Although Paul’s argument in this section is difficult in its details, its thrust is clear and powerful. The Corinthians must understand that the Resurrection is not an isolated event with limited repercussions. It is rather an integrating and culminating event in God’s sovereign rule over history. Redemption is not complete “until he has put all his enemies under his feet” (v. 25, a clear reference to Ps. 110:1), and since death is “the last enemy” (v. 26), Christ’s work is not done until death is destroyed. Paul’s statement that the Son “will also be subjected” to the Father (v. 28) does not mean that the Son is inferior in dignity and being. Rather, in His messianic work the Son subjects Himself to the will of the Father “when he delivers the kingdom to God the Father” (v. 24). The climax of Christ’s submissive, messianic work is this total conquest over His enemies, “that God may be all in all,” when His absolute rule is universally acknowledged.