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Reformation Study Bible – 1 Chr 3:17
1 Chr 3:17

3:17 Jeconiah. Also called Jehoiachin or Coniah. The prophet Jeremiah, whose life and words were known to the writer (2 Chr. 35:25; 36:12, 21, 22), announced that God would remove Jeconiah’s family from the throne (Jer. 22:30 note). In His mercy, however, God withdrew this curse and established Jeconiah’s line once again. Jeconiah was released from prison in Babylon (2 Kin. 25:27–30). Sheshbazzar (spelled Shenazzar in 3:18) brought temple treasures back to Judah (Ezra 1:11; 5:14–16). Zerubbabel (3:19) was governor over the restored community following the exile in Babylon and rebuilt the temple (Ezra 3:1–13). God declared Zerubbabel His “signet ring” (Hag. 2:23), reversing the curse on Jeconiah (Jer. 22:24). Zerubbabel never became king, but his line represented the royal hopes of the community. Both Matthew (Matt. 1:12, 13) and Luke (Luke 3:27) identify Jesus, the supreme King, with this lineage.