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Reformation Study Bible – 1 Chr 18–20
1 Chr 18–20

18:1–20:8 This section concerns David’s military and political accomplishments. Relying on 2 Sam. 8; 10; 11; and 21, it is organized in four sections: a survey of victories (18:1–13); a list of officials (18:14–17); victory over the Ammonites (19:1–20:3); and victory over the Philistines (20:4–8). This material demonstrates how David established the political securi-ty necessary for temple construction in Solomon’s day (18:13 note; 22:17–19). Second, it offers the background for David’s enormous contributions to the temple construction (18:8, 11 note). Third, it anticipates David’s disqualification from temple building because of his warfare (22:6–10 note; 28:3). Fourth, David’s victories inspired the readers to hope for victory over the enemies of their day (19:1–20:3 note). David’s involvement with Mephibosheth (2 Sam. 9; 21:1–14) is omitted, as is his adultery with Bathsheba and its aftermath (2 Sam. 11–20; see 10:14 note).