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Reformation Study Bible – 1 Chr 16:7–36
1 Chr 16:7–36

16:7–36 thanksgiving . . . sung to the Lord. There is a psalm of celebration not found in Samuel. The passage is similar to portions of several psalms (compare vv. 8–22 with Ps. 105:1–15; vv. 23–33 with Ps. 96; vv. 34–36 with Ps. 106:1, 47, 48). David celebrated the entry of the ark into Jerusalem as a mighty act of God, and his words had continuing value for those returning to Jerusalem from the exile in Babylon. David calls for the praise of God (vv. 8–13). He remembers the promise of the land and the protection of God in the wanderings of the past (vv. 15–22). Later readers experienced similar blessings in their return to the land. David invites the people to cry out for further protection and deliverance (v. 35). Those returned from Babylon needed the same help from God. Finally, the people responded with praise and joy at the blessings of God (v. 36), just as the later readers should praise God in their day.