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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 7
Chapter 7

In this chapter we have, I. Christ’s declining for some time to appear publicly in Judea, John 7:1. II. His design to go up to Jerusalem at the feast of tabernacles, and his discourse with his kindred in Galilee concerning his going up to this feast, John 7:2-13. III. His preaching publicly in the temple at that feast. 1. In the midst of the feast, John 7:14, 15. We have his discourse with the Jews, (1.) Concerning his doctrine, John 7:16-18. (2.) Concerning the crime of sabbath-breaking laid to his charge, John 7:19-24. (3.) Concerning himself, both whence he came and whither he was going, John 7:25-36. 2. On the last day of he feast. (1.) His gracious invitation to poor souls to come to him, John 7:37-39. (2.) The reception that it met with. [1.] Many of the people disputed about it, John 7:40-44. [2.] The chief priests would have brought him into trouble for it, but were first disappointed by their officers (John 7:45-49) and then silenced by one of their own court, John 7:50-53.