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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 48
Chapter 48

Moab is next set to the bar before Jeremiah the prophet, whom God has constituted judge over nations and kingdoms, from his mouth to receive its doom. Isaiah’s predictions concerning Moab had had their accomplishment (we had the predictions Isa. 15:1-16:14 and the like Amos 2:1), and they were fulfilled when the Assyrians, under Salmanassar, invaded and distressed Moab. But this is a prophecy of the desolations of Moab by the Chaldeans, which were accomplished under Nebuzaradan, about five years after he had destroyed Jerusalem. Here is, I. The destruction foretold, that it should be great and general, should extend itself to all parts of the country (Jer. 48:1-6, 8, and again Jer. 48:21-25, 34), that spoilers should come upon them and force some to flee (Jer. 48:9), should carry many into captivity (Jer. 48:12, 46), that the enemy should come shortly (Jer. 48:16), come swiftly and surprise them (Jer. 48:40, 41), that he should make thorough work (Jer. 48:10) and lay the country quite waste, though it was very strong (Jer. 48:14, 15), that there should be no escaping (Jer. 48:42, 45), that this should force them to quit their idols (Jer. 48:13, 35) and put an end to all their joy (Jer. 48:33, 34), that their neighbours shall lament them (Jer. 48:17-19) and the prophet himself does (Jer. 48:31, 36). II. The causes of this destruction assigned; it was sin that brought this ruin upon them, their pride, and security, and carnal confidence (Jer. 48:7, 11, 14, 29), and their contempt of and enmity to God and his people, Jer. 48:26, 27, 30. III. A promise of the restoration of Moab, Jer. 48:47).