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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 19
Chapter 19

The same melancholy theme is the subject of this chapter that was of those foregoing—the approaching ruin of Judah and Jerusalem for their sins. This Jeremiah had often foretold; here he has particularly full orders to foretel it again. I. He must set their sins in order before them, as he had often done, especially their idolatry, Jer. 19:4, 5. II. He must describe the particular judgments which were now coming apace upon them for these sins, Jer. 19:6-9. III. He must do this in the valley of Tophet, with great solemnity, and for some particular reasons, Jer. 19:2, 3. IV. He must summon a company of the elders together to be witnesses of this, Jer. 19:1. V. He must confirm this, and endeavour to affect his hearers with it, by a sign, which was the breaking of an earthen bottle, signifying that they should be dashed to pieces like a potter’s vessel, Jer. 19:10-13. VI. When he had done this in the valley of Tophet he ratified it in the court of the temple, Jer. 19:14, 15. Thus were all likely means tried to awaken this stupid senseless people to repentance, that their ruin might be prevented; but all in vain.