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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 20
Chapter 20

In this chapter we have, I. Paul’s travels up and down about Macedonia, Greece, and Asia, and his coming at length to Troas, Acts 20:1-6. II. A particular account of his spending one Lord’s day at Troas, and his raising Eutychus to life there, Acts 20:7-12. III. His progress, or circuit, for the visiting of the churches he had planted, in his way towards Jerusalem, where he designed to be by the next feast of pentecost, Acts 20:13-16. IV. The farewell sermon he preached to the presbyters at Ephesus, now that he was leaving that country, Acts 20:17-35. V. The very sorrowful parting between him and them, Acts 20:36-38. And in all these we find Paul very busy to serve Christ, and to do good to the souls of men, not only in the conversion of heathen, but in the edification of Christians.