Encyclopedia of The Bible – Damaris
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DAMARIS dám ə rĭs (Δάμαρις, G1240; meaning uncertain; prob. wife from the poetic Gr. δάμαρ).

One of Paul’s converts at Mars Hill in Athens (Acts 17:34). Beyond this we know nothing of her. Since Luke singled her out as one of several converts and since she was named with Dionysius, one of the judges of the Athenian court, she may have been a woman of high social rank. There is no evidence that she was the wife of Dionysius as some have contended. Since a respectable woman of Athens generally would not have attended such a public gathering, some have suggested that she was one of the ἑταίραι, an educated courtesan, a woman of low moral character. This is possible but the evidence is not conclusive.