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9613 hope, as confidence

9613 hope, as confidence

Hope means more than a vague wish that something will happen. It is a sure and confident expectation in God’s future faithfulness and presence. The horizon of Christian hope extends beyond death into an eternity prepared by God himself, the reality of which is guaranteed by Jesus Christ.

God and Jesus Christ are the hope of believers

Ps 71:5; 1Ti 1:1 See also Jer 14:8; Jer 17:13; Mt 12:21; Isa 42:4; Ac 28:20; Ro 15:12-13; Isa 11:10; 1Ti 4:10; 1Pe 1:21

The hope of resurrection and eternal life

Ac 23:6 The Sadducees did not believe in the resurrection whereas the Pharisees did; Tit 1:2 See also Ac 2:26-27; Ps 16:9; Ac 24:15; Ro 8:24; 1Co 15:19; Tit 3:7; Heb 6:11; Heb 7:19; 1Pe 1:3

The hope of future glory

Ro 5:2; Col 1:27; Tit 2:13 See also Ro 8:18-21; 2Co 3:10-12; Gal 5:5; Eph 1:12,18; 1Th 2:19; 1Th 5:8; 2Ti 4:8

Hope is a Christian virtue

Ro 5:3-4; 1Co 13:13 See also Ro 12:12; Ro 15:13; 1Co 13:7; Eph 4:4; Col 1:23; Heb 3:6; 1Pe 3:15

The effect of future hope on living now

Col 1:4-5 See also Ro 8:22-23 Hope induces a longing for what will be when Jesus Christ returns; 1Th 1:3; 1Th 5:8; Heb 6:19; 1Pe 1:13; 1Jn 3:1-3

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