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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 9411 heaven, nature of
9411 heaven, nature of

9411 heaven, nature of

Scripture refers to heaven as God’s habitation but also uses the term as an alternative for God himself.

Heaven as God’s habitation

It is the place where he dwells Dt 26:15 See also Ge 28:17; 2Ch 6:21; Ecc 5:2; Rev 13:6

It is insufficient as God’s dwelling-place 1Ki 8:27 pp 2Ch 6:18 See also Ps 113:5-6

Heaven as the place of God’s throne

Ps 11:4 See also Ex 24:9-11; 1Ki 22:19; Isa 6:1; Isa 63:15; Da 7:9; Mt 5:34; Mt 23:22; Ac 7:49; Isa 66:1; Heb 8:1; Rev 4:1-6; Rev 20:11

Heaven as God’s vantage point

Ps 33:13 See also Ps 53:2; Ps 102:19-20; Ecc 5:2

Heaven as an alternative term for God

Lk 15:18 See also Mt 8:11; Mt 13:11 Matthew is writing especially for Jews who, out of reverence, tried to avoid using the word “God”. Mk 4:11 and Lk 8:10 prefer “kingdom of God”; Mt 16:19; Mt 18:18; Mt 21:25 pp Mk 11:30 pp Lk 20:4; Jn 3:27; Jn 17:1

Heaven and the sovereignty of God

Heaven is the place of God’s rule Da 4:26 See also Ps 45:6; Ps 103:19; Ac 17:24

God’s voice from heaven speaks with divine authority Dt 4:36 See also Da 4:31; Jn 12:28; 1Th 4:16; 2Pe 1:17-18

Heaven glimpsed by human eyes

At the baptism of Jesus Christ Mk 1:10 pp Mt 3:16 pp Lk 3:21-22 See also Jn 1:32

In visions Ac 7:56 See also 2Co 12:2-4; Rev 4:1

Prayer addressed to God in heaven

1Ki 8:30 See also Dt 26:15; 2Ch 30:27; Ne 1:4; Ps 20:6; Rev 5:8

The association of oaths with heaven

Mt 23:22 See also Ge 24:3; Da 12:7; Mt 5:34; Jas 5:12

The place of Jesus Christ in heaven

His pre-existence in heaven Jn 6:38 See also Jn 3:13

His ascension into heaven after his resurrection Lk 24:51 pp Mk 16:19 See also Eph 1:20

His place is now with God the Father Heb 9:24 See also Col 3:1

His second coming will be from heaven 1Th 4:16 See also Mt 25:31; Ac 1:11; 1Th 1:10

The new heaven

The new heaven completely replaces the old Rev 21:1 See also Isa 65:17; Isa 66:22; 2Pe 3:13

The new Jerusalem is divinely created in heaven Rev 21:2 See also Isa 2:2-5; Heb 11:16; Heb 13:14; Rev 3:12; Rev 21:10

Fulness of life in heaven is wholly sustained by God Rev 21:22-23; Rev 22:1-2 See also Isa 55:1; Eze 47:8-9,12; Jn 7:38-39; Rev 2:7

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