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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 9240 last judgment
9240 last judgment

9240 last judgment

God’s judgment of all people at the end of the age. This has been entrusted to Jesus Christ who, at his return, will reward the righteous and punish the unrighteous. Judgment will be on the basis of deeds, the response to God’s revelation and faith in Jesus Christ. Believers need not fear the last judgment, but should live godly lives in anticipation of it.

The certainty of last judgment

Heb 9:27 See also Ecc 3:17; Ro 14:10-12; 2Co 5:10; 1Pe 4:5

The time of last judgment

It was anticipated in the cross Jn 12:31 Jesus Christ is speaking about his approaching death.

It will take place at the end of the age Mt 13:49 See also Mt 13:39-43

It will take place at Jesus Christ’s return 2Th 1:6-7 See also Mt 25:31-33; 1Co 4:5; 2Pe 3:10; Rev 19:11

Last judgment is the prerogative of God

God as judge Da 7:9-10 See also Heb 12:23

God entrusts judgment to Jesus Christ Ac 17:31 See also Jn 5:22; Ac 10:42; Ro 2:16

The result of last judgment

Two eternal destinies Da 12:2 See also Mt 25:46

The ungodly will be punished 2Pe 3:7 See also Mt 25:41; Ro 2:5; Heb 10:26-28; 2Pe 2:4,9; Jude 6-7,15

The righteous will be rewarded 2Ti 4:8 See also Mt 25:34; 1Co 9:25; Rev 11:18

The basis of God’s last judgment

It is according to works Rev 20:11-15 See also Mt 12:36-37; Mt 16:27; Ro 2:6-10; Rev 22:12

It is according to revelation Ro 2:12 See also Mt 11:20-24 pp Lk 10:13-15 Those towns and cities which have rejected the revelation that Christ brings will face final judgment and condemnation; Mt 12:41-42 pp Lk 11:31-32 Gentiles have the light of general revelation and of conscience yet fail to live in accordance with what God has revealed: Ro 1:18-21; Ro 2:14-15; Ro 3:23; Gal 3:1

It is according to attitude to Jesus Christ Jn 3:18 The only basis for salvation is faith in Jesus Christ. See also Mt 10:14-15 pp Lk 10:11-12 Those towns which reject Jesus Christ’s messengers will face judgment; Mt 10:32-33 pp Lk 12:8-9 Those who disown Jesus Christ will be disowned by him; Mt 25:35-40; Mk 8:38; Lk 10:16; Ac 4:12; Ac 16:30-31

The fairness of God’s last judgment

Ro 3:4-6 See also Ps 51:4; Ps 98:9; Isa 16:5; Ro 3:19

Believers and last judgment

Believers need not fear judgment Jn 5:24 See also Ro 5:9; 1Co 11:32; 1Jn 4:17

Believers should live in the light of final judgment 1Co 3:12-15 building with materials that will last; 2Ti 4:1 holding to sound teaching; Heb 10:25 encouraging one another Waiting with patient endurance: Jas 5:7-9; Rev 6:10-11
2Pe 3:11-13 living holy and godly lives

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