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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8797 persecution, attitudes to
8797 persecution, attitudes to

8797 persecution, attitudes to

Scripture outlines the attitudes which believers should adopt in the face of persecution, laying particular emphasis upon the faithfulness of God, the example of Jesus Christ and the need for patience and hope by believers.

The call to endure in the face of persecution

Passively Ps 119:87 See also Mt 10:22,28; 1Co 4:12; 2Th 1:4; Jas 5:8

Actively Heb 12:1 See also Eph 6:10-20; 2Ti 2:3; 1Pe 5:9; Rev 2:3

Attitudes believers are to adopt in facing persecution

Living holy and forgiving lives 1Pe 2:12 See also Mt 5:44; Ro 12:19-20; 1Pe 2:15,23; 1Pe 3:16

Rejoicing in suffering

Ro 5:3-5 See also Ps 30:5; Mt 5:11-12 pp Lk 6:22-23; Ac 5:41; Ac 16:22-25; Ro 12:15; Col 1:24; 1Pe 1:6,8; 1Pe 4:12,16

Relying on the promise of God’s grace to endure La 3:22-23 See also Ps 18:17-19; Na 1:7-8; Ro 8:18,35-39; 2Ti 3:10-11; Heb 13:6; Rev 3:10

Trusting in the promise of God’s presence Heb 13:5 See also Ps 23:4; Isa 43:2,5; Mt 28:20; 2Co 4:9

Praying always Eph 6:18 See also Ps 35:24; Ps 38:15-16; Ps 129:5; Ps 143:9; Mic 7:7-8; Lk 6:28; Lk 18:7-8; 1Pe 4:7

The certain prospect of victory over persecution

The triumph of Jesus Christ 1Co 15:25 See also Ob 21; Php 3:20-21; 2Th 1:6-8; Rev 11:15

The vindication of the saints Jude 24 See also Ezr 6:8; Est 6:11-13; Ps 126:1; Da 6:26; Hag 2:22-23; 2Ti 1:12; Rev 2:10; Rev 7:13-17; Rev 12:11

Believers are to take heart from the example of Jesus Christ in facing persecution

The persecution of Jesus Christ was predicted in the OT Ps 22:1-18; Isa 50:6; Isa 53:7-12

The fulfilment of these predictions Mt 27:26-31 pp Mk 15:15-20

The relevance of Jesus Christ’s innocent suffering to believers 1Pe 2:20-23 See also 1Pe 3:14-17 suffering for the sake of righteousness; 1Pe 4:13-14 rejoicing at sharing in Christ’s sufferings

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