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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8786 opposition, to sin and evil
8786 opposition, to sin and evil

8786 opposition, to sin and evil

Believers are called upon to opppose all that is hostile to God’s purposes in the world.

God opposes evil

Mt 21:12-13 pp Mk 11:15-16 pp Lk 19:45-46 pp Jn 2:14-17 See also Ex 4:24; Lev 20:3; Lev 26:14-17; Nu 22:22; Mal 3:2-5; Jas 4:6; 1Pe 5:5; Rev 2:16

God’s people should oppose evil

Within themselves Col 3:5 See also Mt 5:29-30; Ro 8:13

Among themselves Gal 2:11 See also 1Co 5:12-13; Eph 5:3

Examples of failure to oppose evil

Within the church 1Co 5:1-2; Rev 2:20

Within the family 1Sa 3:13; 1Ki 1:6

Within the state Hab 1:4 See also Jdg 5:23; 1Sa 15:9-11; Jer 5:28

Examples of unwise opposition to evil

Mt 26:51-52 pp Mk 14:47 pp Lk 22:50-51; Jn 18:10-11; Lk 9:54-55; Ac 19:13-16

Opposing evil by doing good

Commanded by God 1Pe 2:15 See also Mt 5:44; Ro 12:20-21; 1Th 5:15

Exemplified in Scripture Nu 12:13; 1Sa 24:17; 1Sa 26:11; 2Ki 6:22; Lk 22:51; Lk 23:34

Motives for opposing evil

Concern for the honour and glory of God Nu 25:6-13 See also 1Ki 19:10; Eze 28:22; Jn 2:17

Concern for the good of others Gal 2:4-5 See also Dt 17:12-13; 1Ti 5:20

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