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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8756 folly, examples of
8756 folly, examples of

8756 folly, examples of

Human folly is seen in rebellion against God, ignoring his way and will, a failure to understand him: and moral or spiritual irresponsibility.

Examples of human folly

The folly of God’s people Jer 4:22 See also Dt 32:6 rejecting God; Jer 10:8 worshipping idols; Hos 7:11 seeking foreign help rather than trusting God

The folly of Israel’s leaders Jer 10:21 The shepherds are those entrusted with the task of guiding and caring for God’s people; Eze 13:3 See also Mt 23:16-17

Particular demonstrations of human folly Nu 12:1-11 Aaron and Miriam Saul: 1Sa 13:13; 1Sa 26:21
1Sa 25:25 Nabal. In Hebrew this name means “fool”. David: 2Sa 24:10 pp 1Ch 21:8
2Ch 16:7-9 Asa, king of Judah; Isa 19:11-13 Pharaoh’s advisors; Mt 7:26 the foolish builder; Mt 25:1-3 the foolish virgins; Lk 12:16-21 the rich fool; Gal 3:13 the Galatian Christians

Paul’s “foolishness”

2Co 11:16-21 Paul engages in what he admits is the foolish boasting of his accomplishments in order to challenge the claims of false “apostles”. See also 2Co 11:1; 2Co 12:6,11

God’s wisdom regarded as “foolishness”

1Co 1:18 See also Hos 9:7; Zec 11:15; 1Co 1:20-25,27; 1Co 4:10

Human wisdom is foolishness to God

1Co 3:19 See also Job 12:17; Isa 29:14; Isa 44:25; Isa 55:8; Jer 50:36; Ro 1:22

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