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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8729 enemies, of Jesus Christ
8729 enemies, of Jesus Christ

8729 enemies, of Jesus Christ

Throughout his life Jesus Christ was opposed by both spiritual and human enemies. He overcame every enemy so that his people might be set free by his victory.

The enemies of the infant Jesus

Mt 2:13-20 See also Mt 2:14-20; Rev 12:1-5

Satan as the enemy of Jesus Christ

In the temptation in the wilderness Mk 1:12-13 pp Mt 4:1-11 pp Lk 4:1-13 See also Ge 3:15

Operating through Jesus Christ’s friends Mt 16:22-23 See also Lk 22:3; Jn 13:21-27

The Jewish leaders as enemies of Jesus Christ

They plotted to kill Jesus Christ Mt 12:14 pp Mk 3:6 pp Lk 6:11 See also Ps 2:2; Isa 53:3; Mt 27:1; Jn 5:18; Jn 7:1,19; Jn 11:53; 1Pe 2:21-24

They had no real reason for hating him Jn 15:25 See also Ps 35:19; Ps 69:4

Judas as the enemy of Jesus Christ

Mt 26:14-16 See also Mt 10:4,36; Mic 7:6; Mt 26:21-25,47-50; Jn 13:25-27

The enemies of Jesus Christ succeeded in killing him in accordance with God’s will

Jesus Christ was crucified Ac 2:23 See also Mt 27:22; Mk 15:1; Jn 18:28-32; Ac 3:13

Jesus Christ did not retaliate but prayed for his enemies Lk 23:34

Jesus Christ can change an enemy into a friend

Gal 1:23 See also Ac 9:1-6; Ac 22:4-5; Ac 26:9-11; Ro 5:10; Php 3:18; Col 1:24

Jesus Christ will ultimately conquer all his enemies

1Co 15:25-26 See also Ps 2:9; Mal 3:2; Mt 22:44; Ps 110:1; Ac 2:34; Php 2:9-11; 2Th 1:6-10; 2Th 2:3-8; Heb 1:13; Heb 10:13

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