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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8723 doubt, results of
8723 doubt, results of

8723 doubt, results of

Doubt results in uncertainty and ineffectiveness in the spiritual life of individual believers and of the believing community. God appeals to those who waver to make a clear choice.

Doubt results in spiritual uncertainty

Uncertainty about commitment Lk 9:57-62 pp Mt 8:19-22 See also Ge 19:17,26; Ex 16:2-3; Mt 6:24 pp Lk 16:13; Heb 11:15

Uncertainty about God’s power Nu 13:31 See also Dt 1:29-33

Uncertainty about God’s love Isa 40:27 See also Dt 1:27; Job 9:16-18; Job 30:21

Uncertainty about the meaning of life Job 3:16 See also 1Ki 19:3-4; Ps 42:3-4; Jer 20:14-18; Jnh 4:3

Uncertainty about teaching Eph 4:14 See also 1Ti 6:20-21

Uncertainty about the will of God Jdg 6:17 See also Jdg 6:36-40; Jn 20:25; 2Co 13:3

Doubt may result in a spiritual decline

Doubt may result in drifting from faith Heb 2:1 See also 2Ch 36:12-13; Ne 9:16-17; Ps 95:8-9; La 5:20; Heb 3:12-13; Heb 6:4-6; 2Pe 2:20-21

Doubt may result in faithless action Isa 31:1; Ro 14:23 See also Ge 12:13; Ge 16:2-3; Ex 32:1; Nu 20:11-12; Ac 7:40; Ro 14:14

Doubt brings the risk of God’s judgment Nu 20:12 See also Nu 11:1; Nu 14:37; Heb 6:7-8

Doubt leads to ineffectiveness in prayer

Jas 1:6-7 See also Mt 17:20; Mt 21:21 pp Mk 11:23

Doubt spreads

Dt 1:28 See also Nu 13:32; 2Ki 17:14

God’s appeal for a clear decision

1Ki 18:21 See also Dt 30:15-17; Jos 24:15; Jn 20:27; Jas 4:8

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