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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8666 praise, manner and methods of
8666 praise, manner and methods of

8666 praise, manner and methods of

Praise is the natural response of believers to God at all times and in all places, involving adoration in music and song. God himself assists believers to praise him through his Spirit.

The manner of praise

God is praised in faith Ps 28:7; Ps 106:12

God is praised through Jesus Christ Heb 13:15 See also Php 2:9-11

God can be praised at any time and in any place Ps 104:33; Ps 145:2 See also Ps 146:2

God helps believers to praise him Ps 51:15 See also Ps 40:3; Isa 61:3

The Holy Spirit moves believers to praise Lk 1:67; Eph 5:18-20 See also Lk 10:21; Ac 2:11; Ac 10:44-46; Col 3:16-17

The methods of praise

In singing Eph 5:19 See also Ne 12:46; Ps 149:1; Isa 42:10; Lk 1:46-47,68; Ac 16:25; Col 3:16

With musical instruments Ps 150:3-5 See also 1Ch 25:3; 2Ch 7:6; Ps 33:2; Ps 92:1-3; Isa 38:20

In dancing Ps 149:3 See also Ex 15:19-20; 2Sa 6:14; Ps 150:4

With thanksgiving Ps 42:4; Ps 100:4 See also 2Ch 5:13

Hallelujah as a frequent expression of praise to God

Ps 106:48 “Hallelujah” translates “praise the Lord”. See also Ps 111:1; Ps 113:1; Ps 135:1; Ps 149:1; Ps 150:1; Rev 19:3-4

Praise for his patient love Ps 106:1 See also Ps 117:2

Praise for his election of Israel Ps 135:3-4 See also 1Ch 16:36; Ps 148:14

Praise for his sovereign rule Ps 146:10; Rev 19:6 See also Rev 19:1

Hosanna as an acclamation of praise

At Jerusalem Mt 21:9 pp Mk 11:9-10 pp Jn 12:13 “Hosanna” is the Greek form of the Hebrew term seeking God’s salvation. See also Mt 21:5

The OT background Ps 118:25-26 See also 1Ch 16:35-36; Ps 79:9; Ps 106:47

“Selah” in the context of praise

Following the assurance of answered prayer Ps 3:4 There are a number of possible ways of understanding this obscure term: pausing or lifting up, perhaps indicating that the singers or musicians should sing or play “forte”. See also Ps 21:2; Ps 24:6; Ps 32:5; Ps 81:7; Ps 84:8

Following an expression of deliverance Ps 3:8 See also Ps 32:7; Ps 49:15; Ps 57:3; Ps 68:19; Ps 76:9; Hab 3:13

After a statement comparing God’s greatness with human insignificance Ps 9:20 See also Ps 39:5,11; Ps 47:4; Ps 52:5; Ps 55:19; Ps 59:5; Ps 67:4; Ps 75:3; Ps 89:37; Hab 3:3

After an affirmation of security in God Ps 46:7 See also Ps 46:11; Ps 48:8; Ps 61:4

On reflection of evil opposition Ps 54:3 See also Ps 62:4; Ps 140:3,5

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