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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8648 enquiring of God
8648 enquiring of God

8648 enquiring of God

Requesting from God a definite direct response to a particular question. In the OT, people are frequently said to enquire of God for knowledge or guidance, often through the intermediacy of a priest or prophet.

Enquiring of God for knowledge

Ge 25:22-23 See also Jdg 13:17; Jdg 18:5-6; 1Sa 10:22

Enquiring of God for guidance

2Sa 2:1 See also Jdg 20:18,23,27-28; 1Sa 23:2,4; 1Sa 30:8; 2Sa 5:19 pp 1Ch 14:10; 2Sa 5:23 pp 1Ch 14:14

Enquiring of God through intermediaries

Priests Jdg 18:5-6 See also Nu 27:18-21; 1Sa 22:10,13-15

Prophets 1Ki 22:6-9 pp 2Ch 18:5-8 See also 1Sa 9:6-10; 1Sa 28:6; 2Ki 3:11; 2Ki 22:11-20 pp 2Ch 34:19-28; Jer 21:1-7; Jer 37:6-8; Eze 14:7

Enquiring of God by casting lots

Ac 1:24-26 See also Nu 27:21 The Urim and Thummim were sacred lots carried in the breastpiece of the High Priest’s ephod; 1Sa 10:20-22; 1Sa 14:36-42

Enquiring of God in prayer

2Ch 20:1-17

Enquiring of God at the tabernacle

Ex 33:7 See also Jdg 20:26-28; 1Ch 13:3; 2Ch 1:5

Devotion to God as a necessary prerequisite for enquiring of him

Eze 20:30-31 See also Eze 14:1-11; Eze 20:1-3

Failure to enquire of God displeases him and heralds disaster

1Ch 10:13-14 See also 1Ch 15:13; Jer 10:21; Zep 1:4-6

The Holy Spirit and enquiring of God

Jn 16:23-24 See also Jn 16:13-15

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