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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8646 doxology
8646 doxology

8646 doxology

A form of words that offers praise to God, especially for his work of creation and redemption. Scripture records a number of these forms of praise which were used in both public and private worship.

Doxologies used in the formal worship of Israel

1Ch 29:10-13 See also Ps 41:13; Ps 72:18-19; Ps 106:48; Ps 150:1-6

Doxologies used in the spontaneous praise of God’s people

Ro 11:33-36 See also Ps 57:5,11; Mt 21:9 pp Mk 11:9-10 pp Lk 19:38; Gal 1:5; Eph 3:21; Php 4:20; 1Ti 1:17

Doxologies used as a benediction

Jude 24-25 See also Eph 3:20-21; Ro 16:25-27; Heb 13:20-21; 2Pe 3:18

Doxologies used in heavenly worship

Rev 5:12-13 See also Isa 6:3; Lk 2:13-14; Rev 4:8,11; Rev 5:9-14; Rev 7:12; Rev 19:1

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