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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8629 worship, times for
8629 worship, times for

8629 worship, times for

Scripture stresses the importance of regular worship, while at the same time recognising that believers may worship God spontaneously.

Examples of regular worship

On a daily basis Ac 2:46-47 See also Ex 29:38-43; Ps 141:2; Eze 46:13-15

Several times a day Da 6:10 See also 1Ch 16:37; Ps 119:164; Ac 3:1; Heb 10:25

On holy days 2Ch 8:12-13 See also Eze 46:3

At the three annual pilgrim festivals Dt 16:16 Passover (or the Feast of Unleavened Bread): Ex 12:1-20; Lk 2:41 Pentecost (or the Feast of Weeks): Ex 34:22; Ac 2:1 The Feast of Tabernacles (or Ingathering): Ex 23:16; Lev 23:33-36; Nu 29:12-39; Dt 16:13-15

On the Day of Atonement Lev 16:34 See also Ex 30:10; Lev 16:3-33; Lev 23:26-32

On Sabbath days Lk 4:16 See also Lev 24:5-8; Nu 28:9-10

Examples of spontaneous worship

In response to an awareness of the closeness of God Ex 34:8; Jdg 7:15

In response to the experience of God’s mercy Ex 4:29-31 See also 1Sa 1:19-28

In response to the presence and power of Jesus Christ Mt 28:8-9 See also Mt 14:33; Lk 24:52

Worship should not be dependent on circumstances

Php 4:6 See also Job 1:20-21; Da 6:10; Ac 16:25; 1Th 5:16-18

The continuous worship of God in heaven

Rev 4:10-11; Rev 5:14; Rev 7:11; Rev 11:1; Rev 19:4

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