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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8625 worship, acceptable attitudes in
8625 worship, acceptable attitudes in

8625 worship, acceptable attitudes in

True worship is not the mechanical repetition of rituals, but should be wholehearted and reverent. It should be based upon trustful and obedient lives, in that obedience is itself to be seen as an act of worship.

Worship should be in accordance with God’s commands

Ge 22:2 See also Ge 12:1,7-8; Dt 30:16-20; 1Sa 15:22; Ps 40:6-8; Jer 7:2; Da 3:28; Ac 13:2; Ro 12:1

Worship should not be mechanical

Jn 4:23-24 See also Heb 10:1

Worship should give God the honour due to him

1Ch 16:29 pp Ps 96:8-9

Worship of mere human devising is unacceptable

Isa 29:13 See also Lev 10:1; Mt 15:7-9 pp Mk 7:6-7; Php 3:3; Col 2:23

Worship should be orderly and reverent

1Co 14:40 See also 1Ch 16:37-42; 1Ki 18:30-39; 1Co 14:26

Worship should be grounded in godly and obedient living

Mic 6:6-8; Ro 12:1 See also Ps 15:1-5; Ps 24:3-4; 1Ti 2:10

The proper attitude of worshippers

Preparation for worship 1Co 11:28 See also Lev 16:3-4; 2Sa 12:20; 2Ch 7:1; Mt 2:11

Wholeheartedness Dt 6:5 See also Ex 34:14; Dt 10:12; Jos 22:5; 1Sa 12:24; Ps 27:4; Mt 22:37 pp Mk 12:30; Lk 10:27

Confidence in approaching God Heb 10:22-23 See also Ge 4:4; Jas 4:8; Heb 7:19; Heb 11:4

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