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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8616 prayerlessness
8616 prayerlessness

8616 prayerlessness

Without prayer any relationship with God is impoverished because vital communication is lost.

Reasons for prayerlessness

Unbelief Ps 14:1-4 pp Ps 53:1-4 See also Job 21:15; Ro 3:11

Self-reliance Jer 17:5 See also Zep 3:2

Worship of other gods Dt 32:17-18 See also Jer 2:5-6,8

Guilt as a result of disobedience Ge 3:9-12 Adam and Eve did not respond to their sin by praying. On the contrary they sought to hide from God; Jnh 1:1-6 Jonah tried to run away from God.

Tiredness Lk 22:45 See also Mt 26:40 pp Mk 14:37; Mt 26:43-45 pp Mk 14:40-41

Discord in relationship 1Pe 3:7

Examples of prayerlessness

Joshua, after a great victory Jos 7:2-5 Joshua devised his own plan in attacking Ai and did not seek the Lord until after he suffered a disastrous defeat.

King Ahaziah, turning to idols 2Ki 1:16 See also 2Ki 1:1-6

The nominal religion of Israel Isa 43:22 This verse implies that prayer involves effort—the people only paid lip service to God. See also Isa 1:14; Isa 64:7

Israel trusts in other people rather than God Isa 30:1-2; Isa 31:1

Israel’s failure to repent of their sins Da 9:13 See also Isa 9:13; Jer 5:3

The lack of an intercessor among God’s people Eze 22:30

Consequences of prayerlessness

Alienation from God Jn 15:6 See also Ps 73:27

God’s judgment Zep 1:4-6 See also Jer 10:21

Disloyalty to Jesus Christ Mt 26:74 pp Mk 14:71 pp Lk 22:60 pp Jn 18:27 Peter had previously failed to pray in Gethsemane.

Spiritual poverty Jas 4:2 See also 2Ki 17:15; Jer 2:5

Ineffective ministry 1Sa 2:12 This literally means they had no fellowship with the Lord; 1Sa 12:23; Jn 15:4-5

Conflicts with others because of unfulfilled desires Jas 4:1-4

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