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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8615 prayer, doubts about
8615 prayer, doubts about

8615 prayer, doubts about

Sometimes God does not seem to answer prayer, causing his people to doubt him. Scripture affirms God’s faithfulness to those who pray according to his will, and points out that the human understanding of a situation is limited.

Examples of God’s servants questioning his promises

Ex 5:22-23 See also Ge 15:2-3; Jos 7:7-9

Examples of God’s servants questioning the tasks he has given them

Nu 11:11-15 See also 1Ki 19:4; Jer 15:15-18; Jer 20:7-9,14-18; Jnh 4:1-3; Mt 27:46 pp Mk 15:34; Ps 22:1

Examples of God’s servants expressing their anger and confusion in prayer

Job 10:2-22 See also Job 13:20-27; Job 14:1-22; Ps 13:1-2; Ps 42:9-10; Ps 44:22-26; Ps 77:7-9; Ps 80:4-6; Ps 88:6-9; Hab 1:2-3

God’s response to prayers of questioning or complaint

God reiterates his promises to those who question him Ge 15:2-5 See also Ex 6:1-8

God provides help for those who question him 1Ki 19:1-8

God rebukes those who question him Job 40:1-9 See also Jer 15:19-21

God explains events to those who question him Hab 1:5-11

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