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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8498 witnessing, and Holy Spirit
8498 witnessing, and Holy Spirit

8498 witnessing, and Holy Spirit

Christian witnessing is made effective through the empowering, strengthening and guiding of the Holy Spirit. Witnessing is an aspect of spiritual warfare, and believers need supernatural aid to face Satan’s opposition.

The Holy Spirit supports believers in witnessing

Ac 5:31-32 See also Jn 15:26-27

The Holy Spirit empowers effective witness

Ac 1:8; 1Co 2:1-5 See also Lk 4:14-19; Lk 24:48-49

He confirms the testimony of believers 1Th 1:5; Heb 2:3-4

He convinces people of their need Jn 16:7-11

He brings people to new birth Jn 3:5-8

The Holy Spirit guides believers in witnessing

Ac 8:39-40 See also Ac 8:29-35; Ac 16:6-7

Witnessing and spiritual warfare

Rev 12:11 See also Eph 6:15-17

Witnessing and persecution

Witnessing results in persecution Rev 1:9 See also Ac 4:17; Ac 5:40; Ac 7:54-60 Stephen’s witnessing leads him to become the first Christian martyr. The English word “martyr” comes from the Greek word for “witness”; Ac 22:22-25; Eph 6:19-20; Col 4:3-4; 2Ti 1:8; Rev 2:12-13; Rev 6:9; Rev 17:6

Supernatural help to face persecution Mt 10:18-20 pp Mk 13:9-11 pp Lk 21:12-15 Ac 7:55 See also Ac 5:18-19; Ac 18:9-10

Witness is promoted by persecution Ac 8:1-5; Php 1:12-14

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