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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8485 spiritual warfare, as conflict
8485 spiritual warfare, as conflict

8485 spiritual warfare, as conflict

The warfare believers must fight is spiritual, personal, intense and continual. It calls for courage, determination and prayer, and therefore believers must stand in God’s strength and use the armour he has provided.

General descriptions of spiritual conflict

It is spiritual Eph 6:12 See also Zec 4:6; 2Co 10:3-4; Gal 5:17; 1Pe 2:11

It is personal Lk 22:31-32 See also Ro 7:23; 2Ti 3:12; 2Ti 4:18

It is strenuous Heb 12:4 See also Jn 16:33; Php 1:27-30; 1Pe 4:12-13

It is continual Eph 6:13 See also 2Ti 2:3; Heb 3:13; Rev 12:10

How believers are to fight

With courage 1Co 16:13 See also Jos 1:9; Jos 10:25; 2Ch 32:6-8

With determination 1Ti 6:12 See also 2Th 1:4; Heb 10:23; 1Pe 5:9-10

With watchfulness 1Pe 5:8 See also 1Co 16:13; Gal 6:1; Eph 6:18

With prayer Eph 6:18 See also Ex 17:11; Mt 6:13 pp Lk 11:4; Mt 26:41 pp Mk 14:38 pp Lk 22:46; Ac 12:5; 2Th 3:2

Standing in God’s strength Eph 6:10 See also 1Sa 17:45; 2Sa 22:40; Ps 18:32-36; Ps 118:8; Eph 3:16; Php 4:13; 2Ti 2:1

Using the armour of God Eph 6:11 See also Ro 13:12-14; 2Co 10:4; Eph 6:13-17

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