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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8476 self-discipline
8476 self-discipline

8476 self-discipline

The dedicated training, through the study of Scripture, prayer and self-control, which enables Christians to be more effective witnesses to the gospel, to lead lives more pleasing to God, and to win the crown that awaits those who are victorious over sin.

Self-discipline is training oneself to be godly

1Ti 4:7 See also Ro 13:14; 1Co 9:24-27; Eph 4:23-24; Php 3:12-14; Col 3:12; 2Ti 1:7; Heb 5:14; Heb 12:1

Self-discipline and the study of Scripture

Ps 119:9-11; 2Ti 3:16-17 See also Dt 29:29

Self-discipline involves learning through experience

Tit 2:12 See also Ro 5:3-5

Self-discipline should transform the whole person

A Christian’s thoughts should be disciplined 2Co 10:5 See also Ro 12:3 Renewal of the mind a prerequisite: Ro 12:2; Eph 4:23
1Pe 4:7

A Christian’s speech should be disciplined Ps 141:3 See also Jas 3:2-12

A Christian’s behaviour should be disciplined Ro 14:20-21

A Christian’s body should be disciplined 1Co 9:27 See also Ro 6:12-13; Ro 8:13; Eph 4:22; Col 3:5; Jas 3:2

Self-discipline prevents God’s discipline

1Co 11:31-32

Physical self-discipline is of some value, but only in this life

1Ti 4:8 See also 1Co 9:25

An elder should be self-disciplined

Tit 1:8

Examples of those who exercised self-discipline

See also Ge 22:9-14 Abraham; Ge 39:8-12 Joseph; 2Sa 11:11-13 Uriah Daniel: Da 1:8,11-13
Mt 4:4 Jesus Christ; 1Co 8:13 Paul

Self-discipline strengthens believers when faced with temptation

Mt 5:29 pp Mk 9:47; Ro 8:13; Gal 5:24

The reward for self-discipline is a crown and a prize

1Co 9:25 See also 1Co 9:24,27; Php 3:14; Col 2:18; 1Th 2:19; 2Ti 4:8; Jas 1:12; 1Pe 5:4; Rev 2:10; Rev 3:11

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