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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8451 mortification
8451 mortification

8451 mortification

The act of self-denial or the “putting to death” of sinful instincts in order to have freedom from sin and to live in the power of the Holy Spirit. The NT stresses that this act of humiliation comes about through the grace of God. It is the result of, not the condition for, conversion.

Examples of mortification through humility

2Sa 10:1-5 See also Mt 27:3-5

Examples of mortification through self-denial

Lev 16:29-31 See also Ex 19:15; Lev 23:27-32; Nu 29:7

Mortification as the basis for discipleship

Self-denial is essential Mk 8:34-35 pp Mt 16:24-25 pp Lk 9:23-24 See also 1Jn 3:16

The necessity of putting to death sinful human nature and the world’s values Ro 8:13; Col 3:5 See also Mt 5:29-30; Gal 5:24; Gal 6:14; 1Pe 2:11

Dying to self is a means of knowing freedom from sin

Ro 6:6-7 See also Eph 4:22-23

The importance of sharing in the death of Christ

Gal 2:20 See also Ro 6:3; Ro 7:4; 2Co 4:11-12; Php 3:10; Col 2:20; 2Ti 2:11

The example of Paul

1Co 9:27 See also 2Co 11:23-33; Gal 6:17

Mortification is not the same as self-infliction

Col 2:23 See also Php 3:2-3; Col 2:20-22; 1Ti 4:1-5

See also

6030sin, avoidance
6166flesh, sinful nature

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