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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8449 imitating
8449 imitating

8449 imitating

Following the example or copying the actions of another person. Christians are called upon to become Christlike. Becoming like Jesus Christ is, however, the result, not the condition, of conversion.

The people of God are to imitate God

Lev 11:44-45 See also Lev 19:2; Lev 20:7,26; Lev 21:8; 1Pe 1:16; Eph 5:1

The people of God are to imitate Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is the example for believers Mt 16:24 pp Mk 8:34 pp Lk 9:23 Jn 13:15 See also Mt 11:29; Jn 13:34; Ro 13:14; 1Co 11:1; Eph 5:2; Php 2:5; Col 3:13; 1Pe 2:21; 1Pe 4:1

God works in believers making them like Jesus Christ Ro 8:29 See also 2Co 4:10-12; Col 3:9-10

Good examples to imitate

Paul’s example 1Co 4:16 See also 1Co 11:1; Php 3:17; Php 4:9; 1Th 1:6; 2Th 3:7-9

Christians are to imitate the good example of other believers 2Co 9:2; 1Th 2:14; Heb 6:12

Christian leaders are to set examples which can be imitated 1Ti 4:12 See also Tit 2:7-8; Heb 13:7; 1Pe 5:3

Believers are to imitate the good example of those who have gone before Heb 12:1; Jas 5:10-11

God’s people are not to imitate bad examples

Israel must not imitate other nations Lev 20:23; Dt 18:9; 2Ki 17:15

God’s people must not imitate the ungodly Ex 23:2; Ps 1:1; Pr 1:10-15; Mt 23:2-3; 1Co 15:33; 2Pe 3:17; 1Jn 3:11-12; Rev 2:14

No-one can obtain salvation by imitating Jesus Christ

Jn 3:16-18 Jesus Christ teaches that salvation (eternal life) is a consequence of faith in him. He never links salvation with imitating him or any other act or acts. See also Eph 2:8-9; 2Ti 1:8-9

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