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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8431 fasting, reasons for
8431 fasting, reasons for

8431 fasting, reasons for

Scripture identifies a number of situations in which fasting is appropriate.

Situations in which fasting is appropriate

Bereavement 1Ch 10:11-12 pp 1Sa 31:11-13 See also 2Sa 1:11-12; 2Sa 3:31-35

Distress Est 4:3 See also 1Sa 1:7; 1Sa 20:34; 1Ki 21:4-6; Ps 109:24; Da 6:18; Ac 27:33

Penitence 1Sa 7:5-6 See also Ne 9:1-3; Da 9:3-6 Daniel identifies himself with the sin of the people; Da 9:20; Joel 1:13-14; Joel 2:12-15; Jnh 3:5-9

Seeking God’s intervention 2Sa 12:15-17 See also 2Ch 20:2-4; Ezr 8:21; Est 4:15-16; Ps 35:13-14

Seeking guidance Jdg 20:26-28 See also Dt 9:9 Moses fasts before the revelation of the Law; Da 9:1-3,20-23; Da 10:1-2,12; Ac 13:1-3 The church receives direction through the Holy Spirit while fasting.

Indicating earnestness Ac 23:12-13

See also

6624confession of sin
8160seeking God

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