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8428 example

8428 example

A person who acts as an illustration or model. Scripture provides examples of both good and bad conduct for the guidance of believers.

Scripture provides examples to inform and warn believers

Israel is an example to believers 1Co 10:6 See also 1Co 10:11

Job as an example of perseverance and patience Jas 5:10-11

The example of Jesus Christ is of special importance to Christians Jn 13:15; 1Co 11:1 See also Mt 11:29; Mt 16:24; Php 2:5-11; 1Ti 1:16; Heb 3:1-2; Heb 12:2; 1Pe 2:21

The apostles set an example for believers to follow Php 3:17 See also 2Th 3:7

Christian leaders are to provide examples to their people 1Pe 5:3; Tit 2:7 See also 1Ti 4:12

Examples drawn from everyday life Gal 3:15; Jas 3:4

Biblical examples to be imitated

Faith Mt 15:22 a Canaanite woman; Jn 4:4-29 a Samaritan woman; Jn 20:24-29 doubting Thomas; Ro 4:18-21 Abraham; Heb 11:4-38 various OT figures

Forgiving one’s enemies and assailants Ge 33:1-11 Esau; Ge 45:5-15 Joseph; 1Sa 24:8-22 David; Lk 23:34 Jesus Christ; Ac 7:59 Stephen

Generous giving Ru 2:15-19 Boaz; Job 29:11-16 Job; Mk 12:41-44 a widow; Ac 10:2 Cornelius

Praise Ex 15:1-2 Moses; Ex 18:9-12 Jethro; 1Ch 29:10-13 David; Da 2:19-23 Daniel; Lk 1:57-68 Zechariah

Biblical examples to be avoided

Lev 20:23; Pr 22:24-25; Eze 20:18; Heb 4:11; 2Pe 3:17

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