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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8427 evangelism, kinds of
8427 evangelism, kinds of

8427 evangelism, kinds of

Scripture recognises that evangelism takes place in a variety of contexts, and offers models for evangelism in today’s church.

Public evangelism

Preaching in synagogues Ac 14:1 Paul begins his evangelism in Gentile cities by building links within the Jewish community. In Pisidian Antioch: Ac 13:14-16,42-44
Ac 17:2 in Thessalonica; Ac 17:10 in Berea; Ac 17:17 in Athens; Ac 18:4 in Corinth; Ac 19:8 in Ephesus

Preaching in recognised meeting-places Ac 17:19-23 See also Ac 5:25; Ac 10:27-28; Ac 16:13; Ac 19:9

Making a public defence to accusers Ac 21:37-22:1 See also Ac 4:7-12; Ac 7:1-2; Ac 24:10; Ac 26:1

Personal evangelism

Giving personal testimony 1Jn 1:1-3 See also Mk 5:19; Jn 4:39; Ac 26:9-18; 1Co 7:16; 1Pe 3:1-2

Evangelism in homes Ac 10:24-25 Peter visits Cornelius’home to speak to those assembled. Believers invite others into their homes: Lk 5:29; Ac 18:26; Ac 28:30-31 Believers visit the homes of others: Ac 9:17 pp Ac 22:12; Ac 16:32-34

Evangelism in strategic areas

Going to major centres Ac 16:12 Philippi; Ac 17:1 Thessalonica; Ac 17:15 Athens; Ac 18:1 Corinth; Ac 18:19 Ephesus Rome: Ac 23:11; Ac 28:14

Going into new territories Ro 15:20,23-24; 2Co 10:15-16

Evangelism among strategic people

Speaking to prominent people Ac 18:8 Though the gospel is for all people without distinction, evangelism among certain people and groups enabled the message to spead further. See also Ac 13:7 Paul before Sergius Paulus, proconsul of Cyprus; Ac 24:24 Paul before Felix and his wife; Ac 25:8-9 Paul before Festus; Ac 25:11-12 Paul appeals to Caesar; Ac 26:2-3 Paul before King Agrippa; Ac 28:7-8 Paul in the home of the chief official on Malta

Evangelising households Ac 16:34 The conversion of the head of the household was often accompanied by the conversion of the whole family group. See also Jn 4:53; Ac 11:14; Ac 18:8

Using literature in evangelism

Jn 20:30-31 See also Lk 1:1-4; Ac 1:1-2

Appealing to Scripture in evangelism

Ac 26:22-23 See also Ac 8:35; Ac 10:43; Ac 13:22-23; Ro 1:2-3; Ro 16:25-26; 1Co 15:3-4

Signs and wonders in evangelism

Miracles confirm the message Ac 8:6 See also Mk 16:17-20; Ac 4:14; Ac 19:10-12; 1Co 2:4-5; Heb 2:3-4

Miracles give opportunity for preaching Ac 3:9-16 See also Ac 2:5-14; Ac 14:8-11; Ac 16:26-31

Miracles result in people believing Ac 9:40-42 See also Jn 7:31; Jn 11:45; Ac 9:33-35; Ac 13:10-12

The response to evangelism

Acceptance of the message Ac 2:37-41 See also Ac 4:4; Ac 17:4,34; Ac 19:17-20; 1Th 2:13

Rejection of the message Heb 4:2 See also Ro 10:16; Ac 13:50-51; Ac 17:32; Ac 18:6

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