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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8340 self-respect
8340 self-respect

8340 self-respect

A sense of personal worth and dignity. Scripture points to the need for believers to ground their self-respect in God himself, rather than trusting in the opinion and valuation of other individuals or society as a whole.

Self-respect is often assumed

Mt 22:39 pp Mk 12:31 See also Mt 7:12; Mt 19:19; Ro 12:3; Eph 5:29

Examples of those who had self-respect

Job 12:3 See also Job 10:16; Pr 31:25; Php 3:4

The basis of self-respect

A relationship with God Ps 139:13-14 See also Ps 30:6; 1Co 3:16-17; 1Co 6:12-20; 2Co 6:16; Eph 2:22; 1Ti 4:4

Equality in God’s community Jas 1:9-10 See also 1Co 12:22-25

A clear conscience and faithfulness to God 2Co 1:12 See also Jn 7:18; Gal 6:4; Heb 13:18

God’s strength is a source of self-respect

Da 10:19 See also Ex 15:2; 2Sa 22:33; Ps 71:5; Ps 89:17; Ps 118:14; 2Ti 4:17

Self-respect results from disciplined living

Job 4:6 See also Pr 20:3; 1Th 4:4; Tit 2:2

Self-respect can be lost through humiliation

Jer 31:19 See also 2Sa 10:1-5 pp 1Ch 19:1-5; 2Sa 13:1-22; Da 4:33

Self-respect can rest on wrong foundations

Gal 6:3 See also Dt 8:17-18; Job 20:6-7; Php 3:4-7

Ways in which self-respect can be undermined

By others Job 30:1-15

By the effects of sin and the work of Satan Mk 5:2-5 pp Lk 8:27-29; Mk 5:25-28 pp Mt 9:20-22 pp Lk 8:43-48; Lk 15:13-16; Lk 17:12-13

By unwise spiritual zeal Gal 6:1; 1Ti 5:1-2; Jude 22

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