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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8287 joy, and human experience
8287 joy, and human experience

8287 joy, and human experience

Joy is experienced naturally in many circumstances of life and in human relationships. It is especially important in the life of God’s people, who experience joy in response to all that God has done for them.

Poetic images of joy in creation

Ps 96:11-13 pp 1Ch 16:31-33 See also Job 39:13; Ps 65:12-13; Ps 89:12; Ps 97:1; Ps 100:1; Isa 35:1-2; Isa 49:13

Joy arising from specific circumstances

Joy because of the birth of children Lk 1:13-15 See also Ge 30:12-13; Lk 1:58

Joy because of victory and deliverance Ex 18:9; 1Sa 18:6; Jer 41:13; Zec 10:7

Joy because of the behaviour of others Pr 15:30 See also Pr 23:24-25; Mt 14:6-7; Heb 13:17

Joy because of God’s blessings in everyday life Ecc 5:19-20

Joy arising from relationships

Php 4:1 See also Pr 5:18; SS 1:4; SS 3:11; Ro 12:15; Ro 15:26-27; 1Co 12:26; Php 1:4-6; Phm 7

God’s people find their joy in him

Ps 4:7; Ps 16:11; Hab 3:17-18; Php 3:1 See also 1Ch 16:10; Ps 43:4; Php 1:23-26 knowing Jesus Christ; Php 4:4

God himself gives joy to his people Ne 12:43; Job 8:21; Ecc 2:26; Isa 9:3; Ac 13:52; Ac 14:15-17

Reasons for God’s people to know joy 1Sa 2:1 God’s deliverance; 2Ch 6:41 God’s goodness; Job 22:22-26 repentance; Ps 19:8 the rightness of God’s precepts; Ps 94:19 God’s consolation; Ps 122:1 being in God’s presence; Isa 25:9 God’s salvation; Isa 58:13-14 honouring the Sabbath; Jer 15:16 God’s words; Jer 31:12 God’s generosity; Lk 1:46-49 recognition by God; Ro 15:13 trusting God

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