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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8282 intolerance
8282 intolerance

8282 intolerance

Unwillingness to allow or permit something beyond certain levels. God’s intolerance should be the model for God’s people, but they should avoid becoming wrongly intolerant.

God is intolerant of evil

God is pure and cannot tolerate evil Hab 1:13 See also Nu 25:3; Jos 7:1; 2Sa 6:7 pp 1Ch 13:10; 2Ki 17:11; Ps 5:6; Ro 1:18; Rev 21:27

God demonstrates his intolerance as the last resort Jer 44:22 See also Ex 4:10-14; Ex 34:6-7; Nu 14:18; Ne 9:30; Ac 17:30; Ro 2:3-5

Human intolerance should reflect God’s attitudes

Human intolerance of God’s enemies Jdg 5:31 See also 1Sa 17:26; Ps 69:9; Mt 26:51 pp Mk 14:47 pp Lk 22:50; Jn 18:10; Eph 5:6-7

Human intolerance of ungodliness Ex 32:19-20 See also Dt 6:13-15; Ps 119:115; 1Ti 4:7; 2Ti 2:16; 2Ti 3:5; Tit 2:12

Human intolerance of error Tit 3:10 See also Ac 17:11; Ac 20:30-31; Gal 5:11-12; Eph 5:6-7; Col 2:8; Heb 13:9

Human intolerance of evil and sinfulness Rev 2:20 See also Job 28:28; Ps 34:14; Ps 101:4-5; Mt 5:30; Ro 6:12; Ro 12:9; Eph 4:25; 2Th 3:6; Rev 2:2

Human intolerance can be misguided

It can be a form of hypocrisy Lk 6:41-42 See also Mt 23:29-30; Lk 13:14-15; Jn 12:5-6

It can amount to exclusiveness Mt 23:13 See also Ac 15:1

It can be a form of oppression Intolerance of minority, afflicted or underprivileged groups oftens leads to oppression: Ex 1:11-14; Ex 23:9; Pr 14:31; Pr 28:3; Ecc 5:8; Mt 20:31 pp Mk 10:48 pp Lk 18:39

It can be harshly condemnatory Jn 8:5 See also Nu 21:4-5; Est 3:8; Mt 23:34-35; Jn 7:45-51; Jn 16:2

It can be a form of bigotry Jn 15:19 See also Nu 11:27-29; Jdg 12:5-6; Mt 21:15-16; Mt 23:16,18

Intolerance is usually a matter of decision

Intolerance leading to a good decision Lk 18:4-5 See also Lk 11:7-8

Intolerance leading to a bad decision Mt 19:13-14 pp Mk 10:13-14 pp Lk 18:15-16 The disciples’intolerance is counteracted by Jesus Christ’s tolerance.

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