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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8278 innocence, teaching on
8278 innocence, teaching on

8278 innocence, teaching on

A highly valued quality to be eagerly sought. The OT stresses that the innocent deserve justice rather than evil. In the NT believers are encouraged to attain innocence.

Exhortations to be innocent

Mt 10:16 See also Ps 32:2; Ro 16:19; Php 2:14-15; 1Th 3:13; 1Th 5:23; 2Pe 3:14

Ascribing innocence to people

Innocence is ultimately established by God 1Co 4:4 See also Col 1:21-22

The need to acquit the innocent 1Ki 8:32 See also Ex 23:7; Nu 5:29-31; Dt 25:1; Pr 17:15; Pr 18:5

The danger of acquitting the guilty Pr 17:15 See also Pr 24:23-24

The rewards of innocence

Ps 15:1-5 See also Rev 14:1-5

The characteristics of innocence

Pr 21:8 See also Php 2:14-15; Php 4:8

The shedding of innocent blood

Its prohibition Dt 19:8-10 See also Jer 22:3

The guilt associated with it Jer 26:15 See also Dt 19:11-13; 2Ki 21:16; Ps 106:38; Pr 6:16-17; Isa 59:7; Jer 7:2-8

The need to purge the guilt 1Ki 2:31-33 See also Dt 21:1-9

The right to be avenged 2Sa 4:9-11 See also Nu 35:16-28

Examples of those shedding innocent blood Mt 27:3-4 See also 2Ki 24:1-4; Jnh 1:14

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