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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8273 holiness, ethical aspects of
8273 holiness, ethical aspects of

8273 holiness, ethical aspects of

Behaviour that reflects the holy character of God himself is to be expressed in both social and personal dimensions of life.

Holiness in practice is a reflection of God’s own character

1Pe 1:15-16 See also Lev 11:44-45; Lev 19:2; Lev 20:7; Eph 4:24; 1Jn 3:3

Holiness demands a different way of life

Shunning practices that defile Lev 18:1-3; Eph 5:11-12; 1Ti 5:22 See also Lev 18:21-24,29-30; Lev 20:1-3,6-7,23-26; Lev 21:7; 2Co 6:17-7:1; Gal 5:19-21,24; Eph 5:3-7; Col 3:5-10

Obedience to God’s law Lev 20:7-8 See also Lev 18:4-5; Lev 19:37; Dt 6:25; Dt 28:9; Ps 119:9; Ro 7:12; 1Pe 1:22

Holiness is expressed in social behaviour

Care for the disadvantaged Lev 19:9-10 See also Lev 19:14,33-34; 1Ti 5:3-4,8; Jas 1:27

A concern for truth and justice Lev 19:15-16 See also Lev 19:11-13,35-37

Loving one’s neighbour Lev 19:18 See also Lev 19:16-17 Most of the OT law can be seen as an expression of holiness.

Holiness is expressed in family and sexual relations

1Th 4:3-7 See also Lev 18:5-20,22-23; Lev 19:3; Lev 20:9; Eph 5:3; 1Co 6:13-15,18-19

Holiness is seen in personal character

Col 3:12 See also Eph 4:23-24,32-5:2; 2Ti 2:22

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