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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8265 godliness
8265 godliness

8265 godliness

Reverence for or devotion to God, producing a practical awareness of God in every aspect of life.

Examples of godliness in the OT

Ge 5:24 Enoch; Ge 6:9 Noah; 1Ki 18:3-4 Obadiah; 2Ch 31:20-21 Hezekiah; Job 1:1 Job

Examples of godliness in the NT

Lk 2:25 Simeon; Lk 2:37 Anna; Jn 1:47 Nathanael Jesus Christ: Jn 8:29; Heb 5:7
Ac 2:5; Ac 8:2 Cornelius and his family: Ac 10:2,7
Ac 11:24 Barnabas; Ac 22:12 Ananias

God has a special concern for the godly

Ps 4:3 “the godly” (sometimes translated “the saints”) is often used in the OT to refer to God’s people. See also Ps 32:6; Jn 9:31

Godly living

Godliness should be seen in the lives of believers 2Pe 3:11 See also 1Ti 2:2; 1Ti 6:11; Tit 2:12

Jesus Christ is the beginning and end of godliness 1Ti 3:16 The model and the power for godly living derives from the incarnate Christ. See also Heb 5:7; 2Pe 1:3

The basis for godly living is true teaching about Jesus Christ 1Ti 6:3-4 See also Tit 1:1

Godly living demands self-discipline 1Co 9:24-27; 2Co 10:5; 1Ti 4:7-8

Sorrow for sin is a sign of godliness 2Co 7:10-11

The benefits of godliness

Its value in both this world and the next 1Ti 4:8

Its present blessings Dt 4:40; 1Ti 6:6 See also Isa 3:10; Tit 3:8

The promise of future blessing Tit 2:11-13 See also 2Pe 3:11-12

Godliness does not guarantee escape from suffering

Ps 12:1 See also Mic 7:2; 2Ti 3:12; 2Pe 2:9

Apparent godliness may not be genuine

1Ti 6:5; 2Ti 3:4-5

See also

5499reward, divine

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