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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8209 commitment, to Jesus Christ
8209 commitment, to Jesus Christ

8209 commitment, to Jesus Christ

Commitment to Jesus Christ is grounded in the knowledge of his saving power and divinity, and expresses itself in adoration and obedience to Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ commanded people to make the commitment to follow him

Mt 4:19 pp Mk 1:17 Mt 9:9 pp Mk 2:14 pp Lk 5:27 See also Mt 19:21-22; Jn 1:43; Jn 21:19,22; Ro 15:5; 1Co 1:12 There may have been a “Christ-party” at Corinth, or in contrast with the sectarianism, Paul may be asserting his own commitment to Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ frequently spelt out the cost of commitment to him

Mt 10:37-38 pp Lk 14:26-27 Mt 16:24 pp Mk 8:34 pp Lk 9:23 Jn 12:25-26 See also Mt 8:22; Mt 10:39 pp Mk 8:35 pp Lk 17:33; Mt 19:21 pp Mk 10:21 pp Lk 18:22; Lk 14:28-33; 1Pe 2:21

Jesus Christ’s demand for commitment was sometimes met with a refusal

Lk 9:59 See also Lk 9:61

Sometimes people followed Jesus Christ without being truly committed to him

Jn 6:2 This would have been true for many in the crowds. See also Jn 6:66

Some committed themselves wholeheartedly to his invitation

Mt 4:20 pp Mk 1:18; Mt 4:22 pp Mk 1:20; Mt 9:9 pp Mk 2:14 pp Lk 5:28; Jn 1:40

Secret commitment to Jesus Christ

Jn 12:42 See also Jn 3:1-2

True commitment to Jesus Christ is seen in love and obedience to him

Jn 14:21; Php 2:12 In response to who Jesus Christ is and what he has done. See also Jn 8:31; Jn 14:15,23-24; 1Co 11:1; 1Co 16:22; Eph 6:5-6,24; 1Jn 2:3; 1Jn 3:22-24; Rev 14:4

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