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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8032 trust, lack of
8032 trust, lack of

8032 trust, lack of

Forsaking God and relying on other objects of dependence. This is futile and it provokes God’s anger. Failure to trust others may be the result of a betrayal of trust in the past.

Failure to trust God

The nature of failure to trust God Jer 2:13 See also Dt 31:16; Isa 8:6; Isa 65:11

Examples of failure to trust God Dt 1:32-33 See also Dt 9:23; Ps 78:21-22; Nu 20:12 Moses and Aaron; 1Ki 11:4 Solomon; 2Ch 16:7 Asa; Rev 3:17 the church at Laodicea

The consequences of failure to trust God Heb 10:38-39 See also Hab 2:4; Lev 26:14-20; Jer 13:24-25; Jer 46:25; Hos 10:13-14

Objects of misplaced trust

Trust in false gods Ps 40:4 See also Dt 31:20; Ps 4:2; Isa 42:17; Isa 47:9-10

Trust in alliances, real or metaphorical Isa 31:1 See also Isa 28:15; Isa 30:1-2; Jer 2:18

Trust in human strength and resources Jer 17:5 See also Ps 44:6-7; Ps 146:3; Pr 3:5; Pr 28:26; Isa 2:22; Isa 22:8-11; Isa 30:15-16; Eze 16:15

Trust in the outward form of religion Mic 6:6-8 See also Jer 7:14 trust in the temple; Jer 28:15 trust in false prophecy; Jn 8:33 trust in descent from Abraham; Ro 2:17 trust in possession of the law

Trust in one’s own righteousness Ro 3:19-20 See also Eze 33:13; Lk 18:9

Trust in wealth 1Ti 6:17 See also Job 31:24-25; Ps 49:5-6; Ps 52:7; Ps 62:10; Pr 11:28; Jer 48:7; Jer 49:4; Lk 12:18-20

The futility of misplaced trust

Job 15:31 See also Job 8:13-15

Futility of trust in false gods Dt 32:37-38; 1Ki 18:26-29; Ps 115:5-8; Isa 37:19; Hab 2:18

Futility of trust in human resources Isa 64:6 human righteousness; Mt 6:19-20 wealth and possessions; Col 2:8 human philosophy; Jas 4:13-14 human planning

Futility of trust in others Pr 25:19; Isa 31:3

Failure to trust others

Jdg 11:20; Jer 12:6 See also Nu 21:23; Jer 9:4; Mic 7:5-6; Mt 10:36; Mk 13:12; Ac 15:37-38; 2Ti 4:14-15

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