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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7944 ministry, qualifications for
7944 ministry, qualifications for

7944 ministry, qualifications for

God, who calls his people to minister, also equips his people. The chief qualifications are a response to God’s call, faithfulness, godliness and Christlikeness.

God calls people to minister

Qualification is by call, not gifting or achievement Dt 7:7-8 See also Dt 9:4-5

God calls those who the world regards as weak or foolish 1Co 1:27-29

Feelings of inadequacy to God’s call are common Ex 3:11 Moses; Jdg 6:15 Gideon; 1Sa 9:21 Saul; 1Sa 18:18 David; 1Ki 3:7 Solomon; Isa 6:5 Isaiah; Jer 1:6 Jeremiah

Responding to God’s call to minister

Readiness and availability 1Sa 3:10; Isa 6:8

Faith, rather than natural talent or moral perfection, is required Heb 11:1-2 See also Ge 27:19-24 Jacob was a deceiver; Nu 27:12-14 Moses and Aaron disobeyed God. David committed adultery and murder: 2Sa 11:4,14-15
1Ki 11:9-13 Solomon disobeyed God’s command.

NT ministers are recognised by call rather than their achievement

The Twelve Mt 10:1-4 pp Mk 3:14-19 pp Lk 6:12-16 The Twelve, including Peter and Judas, failed Jesus Christ at critical times.

Paul Ac 9:15; Ac 26:6; 2Co 4:7-12; 2Co 12:7 Though greatly gifted, Paul was kept humble by his sense of unworthiness, difficulties and disappointments and his “thorn in the flesh”; 1Ti 1:16

Ministry in the NT is described as service

Serving God Ro 1:9; Jas 1:1

Serving Jesus Christ Ro 1:1; Jude 1; Rev 1:1

Serving the gospel Eph 3:7; Col 1:23

Serving the church Ro 15:31; Ro 16:1; 1Co 16:15; 2Co 9:1; Eph 6:21; Col 1:7,25

Ministry is described in terms of its source, content or nature

Its source It is of the Spirit: 2Co 3:6,8
2Co 4:1 It is from God.

Its content Ac 6:2-4 the word of God; 2Co 5:18 reconciliation

Its nature Apostolic: Ac 1:25; Gal 2:8
Ro 15:16 priestly

Various ministries are equally linked by qualifications of character

Ac 1:21 the replacement for Judas; Ac 6:3 the Seven Overseers: 1Ti 3:2-7; Tit 1:7-9
1Ti 3:8-13 deacons; 1Ti 6:11 Timothy

The personal qualifications for ministry

Faithfulness 1Ti 6:11-14 Timothy; 2Ti 4:7 Paul’s claim for his own ministry “faithful” is the sole description of the ministries of Epaphras and Tychicus: Col 1:7; Col 4:7

Godliness Ac 8:21 Simon was not right with God. Timothy: 1Ti 6:11,20-21

Christlikeness Ac 1:21-22 The replacement apostle for Judas had to have been with Jesus Christ from the beginning.

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