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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7942 ministry, nature of
7942 ministry, nature of

7942 ministry, nature of

All creatures owe their Creator a ministry of service to him and to humanity. The example and teaching of Jesus Christ illustrate this.

All human beings owe a ministry of service to God

The debt owed by the creature to the Creator Ro 1:25

The service of the nations and their rulers Ps 148:7-11 See also Jer 3:17; Joel 3:1-2; Rev 15:4

Examples of the service of rulers Ezr 1:1-2 Cyrus of Persia Nebuchadnezzar: Jer 25:9; Jer 27:6; Jer 43:10 The Roman emperor and other authorities: Ro 13:4,6; 1Pe 2:13-14

The ministry of the people of God

In the OT Ex 19:6 See also Isa 61:6

In the NT 1Pe 2:5,9 See also Rev 1:6; Rev 20:6 resurrected martyrs

The ministry of priests, kings and prophets in the OT

The priests Aaron: Ex 28:35; Nu 18:2
Dt 17:12 The Levites: 1Ch 15:2; Jer 33:22
Ezr 2:63; Heb 9:6; Heb 13:10

The rulers David: 2Sa 3:18; Ps 78:70; Lk 1:69; Ac 4:25
Hag 2:23 Zerubbabel, governor of Judah

The prophets Moses: Nu 12:7-8; Jos 12:6; 2Co 3:7; Heb 3:5
1Sa 2:18 the young Samuel Elijah: 2Ki 9:36; 2Ki 10:10
1Ch 25:1; Isa 20:3 Isaiah; Isa 42:1-4; Jer 7:25; Jer 25:4; 1Pe 1:12; Rev 10:7; Rev 11:18

The ministry of those specially set aside by the church

1Co 12:28; 1Ti 3:10 Deacons; Tit 1:5 Elders; 1Pe 5:2 Overseers; Eph 4:11

Jesus Christ fulfils the OT understanding of ministry

His ministry as servant Mt 12:18 See also Isa 42:1; Mt 20:28 pp Mk 10:45; Ac 3:13,26; Ac 4:27,30

His ministry as shepherd, teacher and prophet Jn 10:11; Jn 13:13; Ac 3:22

His ministry as priest Heb 6:20 See also Heb 8:6

His ministry as king Jn 18:37

NT ministry follows the pattern of Jesus Christ

In servanthood Mt 20:26-28 pp Mk 10:43-45 pp Lk 22:26-27 See also Mt 23:11 pp Mk 10:43

In teaching Mt 28:20

In shepherding Jn 21:15-17

In priesthood by self-sacrifice and intercession in prayer Php 2:17; 1Ti 2:1 See also 1Pe 2:5

Jesus Christ’s servants can expect the same response that he received Jn 15:20

The ministry of angels

Angels are both ministers to God’s people and fellow-servants with them: Heb 1:7,14; Rev 19:10; Rev 22:9

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