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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7927 hymn
7927 hymn

7927 hymn

Poetry sung to the praise of God and for the mutual encouragement of believers. Hymns and songs are not clearly distinguished in Scripture, but the NT contains examples of possible early Christian hymns.

Hymns are sung to the praise of God’s name

Ps 40:3; Ro 15:8-11 Because of Jesus Christ the Gentiles are now called upon to join with God’s people in praising God. See also Dt 32:43; 2Sa 22:50; Ps 18:49; Ps 117:1; Heb 2:12

Christians are to sing hymns together for mutual encouragement

1Co 14:26 See also Eph 5:19; Col 3:16 “Psalms” refers to the OT psalms (see Lk 20:42; 24:44; Ac 1:20; 13:33) some of which may have been set to music by Christians. “Psalm” could also describe a song newly composed for Christian worship (see 1Co 14:26 where “hymn” translates Greek “psalmos”).

Examples of singing hymns

By Jesus Christ and his disciples Mt 26:30 pp Mk 14:26

By Paul and Silas in prison Ac 16:25

Examples of hymns

The Benedictus: Zechariah’s song of thanksgiving at the birth of his son, John the Baptist See also Lk 1:68-79

The Magnificat: Mary’s song of praise as the future mother of the Lord Lk 1:46-55

The Nunc Dimittis: Simeon’s response to seeing the child Jesus Lk 2:29-32

Other examples of possible early Christian hymns Ro 11:33-36; Eph 5:14; Php 2:6-11; Col 1:15-20; 1Ti 3:16

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