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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7925 fellowship, among believers
7925 fellowship, among believers

7925 fellowship, among believers

The fellowship that believers share as a result of their common union with God through Jesus Christ is expressed in life together. It is evident in worship together, in a love for one another which reflects God’s own love and in a practical commitment to one another which is demonstrated in concern for the weak and readiness to share with the poor and needy.

Sharing in the fellowship of God’s love

1Jn 4:10-12 See also Jn 13:34; Jn 15:12; Eph 5:1-2; 1Jn 3:10

Sharing in the fellowship of a common devotional life

Ac 2:42

Worshipping together Ps 55:14 See also Ps 42:4; 1Co 14:26; Eph 5:19; Col 3:16

Praying together Ac 1:14 See also Ac 4:24; Ac 12:12; Jas 5:16

Breaking bread together 1Co 10:16-17; 2Pe 2:13; Jude 12 Love feasts accompanied the Lord’s Supper though these were open to abuse.

True fellowship means sharing with those in need

Heb 13:16 See also Ac 20:34-35; Eph 4:28

Showing hospitality Ro 12:13 See also Isa 58:7; Heb 13:1-2; 1Pe 4:9; 3Jn 8

Sharing money and possessions Dt 15:10-11; Ac 2:44-45 See also Dt 10:18-19 God’s people are to reflect his concern for the needy in society; Mt 25:35-36; Lk 3:11; Ac 4:32-35; 2Co 8:13-15; 1Ti 6:17-18; Jas 1:27; Jas 2:15-16

Examples of sharing with the needy Job 31:16-20 Job’s compassion for the needy; Ac 6:1 the daily distribution to widows; Ac 9:36 Tabitha’s concern for the poor The collection for believers in Judea: Ac 11:29-30; Ro 15:26; 2Co 8:3-4

Strengthening one another in fellowship together

Bearing with the weak Gal 6:1-2 See also Isa 42:3; Ro 14:1; Ro 15:1; 1Th 5:14

Strengthening the weak Isa 35:3-4 See also Job 4:3-4

Encouraging one another Heb 10:24-25 See also 1Sa 23:16; Ro 1:12; 1Th 5:11; Heb 13:3

Putting the needs of others first Ro 15:2 See also 1Co 10:24,32-33

True fellowship means living in harmony

1Pe 3:8 See also Ro 12:16; Eph 4:2-3; Php 2:1-4; Col 3:12-14

Showing equal concern for all Ac 10:34; 1Co 12:25; Jas 2:1-4

Examples of fellowship Nu 10:31-32 Moses and Hobab; 1Sa 18:3 David and Jonathan; 2Ki 10:15-16 Jehu and Jehonadab

Failure to exhibit true fellowship 1Sa 30:22 Troublemakers in David’s army are unwilling to share the spoils; 1Co 1:11-12 factions within the church at Corinth; 1Co 11:17-22 Selfishness at love feasts humiliates the poor.

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