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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7923 fellowship, in the gospel
7923 fellowship, in the gospel

7923 fellowship, in the gospel

A mutual participation in the blessings of God’s grace. Believers are united with one another on the basis of their common reception of the benefits of salvation.

Fellowship and the community of God’s people

God calls out a community of people, for fellowship with himself Dt 7:6 See also Ex 19:5-6; 1Pe 2:5,9-11

God will bless a people united in fellowship Mt 18:19-20; 2Ch 7:14; Jer 31:23-25; 1Co 11:29-34 Wrong relationships between God’s people hinder the flow of his blessing.

God will restore fellowship with his scattered people Mic 2:12 See also Isa 11:12-13; Jer 3:18; Jer 31:1; Jer 50:4-5

Sharing in God’s grace

Fellowship in a common blessing Ps 106:4-5 See also Nu 10:32; Jos 22:19

Fellowship in a common salvation Jude 3 See also 1Co 9:23 sharing in the blessings of the gospel; Php 1:7 sharing in God’s grace; Tit 1:4 sharing a common faith; Heb 3:1 sharing a common calling; 1Pe 5:1 sharing a common hope; 2Pe 1:4 sharing the divine nature; 1Jn 1:7 sharing in sanctification

Fellowship in a common inheritance Col 1:12 See also Ro 8:17; 1Pe 3:7

Fellowship in God’s family Heb 2:11 See also Mal 2:10; Mt 6:9 pp Lk 11:2 the family prayer in which believers together address God as Father; Mt 12:49-50 pp Mk 3:34-35 pp Lk 8:21; Mt 23:8-9

Fellowship between Jew and Gentile Eph 3:6 See also Ro 11:17; Ro 15:27; Eph 2:16-18

Fellowship in holding a common truth

2Th 2:15 See also Ps 119:63; 1Co 11:2; 1Co 15:2-3; 2Ti 2:2; 2Ti 3:14; Tit 2:15

Fellowship in union with Christ

1Co 10:16-17; Eph 2:19-22 See also Ro 12:5; 1Co 12:12,27; Eph 4:4-5; Col 1:15; 1Pe 2:4-5

Fellowship through the Holy Spirit

1Co 12:13 See also Eze 36:27-28; 2Co 13:14; Eph 4:3; Php 2:1

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