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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7767 priests, institution in OT times
7767 priests, institution in OT times

7767 priests, institution in OT times

Priests played an important role in the OT and were regarded as having a special status and place in the life of Israel.

Pagan priests in the OT

1Sa 6:1-2; 2Ki 23:5; Hos 10:5; Zep 1:4

The special status of priests

Ezr 1:5; Isa 24:2; Hos 4:9; Mic 3:11

Associated with the descendants of Levi through Aaron

The exclusive nature of the priesthood 1Ch 6:49 Only God has the right to nominate those who mediate between him and humanity. See also Ex 6:16-20 This genealogy shows Moses and Aaron were both descended from Levi; Ex 28:1; Ex 29:44; Ex 30:30; Nu 16:40 Not all Levites were priests: Dt 18:1; Jer 33:21

Micah’s priest Jdg 17:13

The Shiloh priesthood 1Ch 24:3 See also 1Ch 6:27

The priests in Dan Jdg 18:30

Descendants of Zadok Eze 44:15-16 See also 2Sa 8:17; 1Ch 6:50-53; 1Ch 24:3

Criticism of priestly appointments that were not Levitical

1Ki 12:31 See also 1Ki 13:33; 2Ch 11:13-14; 2Ch 13:9

The appointment of priests

Their preliminary purification Ex 29:4 See also Ex 30:19; Ex 40:12

Their anointing Ex 30:30-32 See also Lev 8:30; Nu 3:3 Kings and priests also were anointed.

Their consecration Ex 29:1 See also Ex 29:12-14,18,20-21; Lev 8:12

Their ordination Ex 29:35 See also Ex 29:9,29,33; Lev 8:22,33; Jdg 17:5,12

The dress of the priests

Ex 28:40 See also Ex 28:42; Ex 39:27-29; Lev 8:13

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