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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7755 preaching, importance of
7755 preaching, importance of

7755 preaching, importance of

Preaching has a central place among God’s people and is vital to their life and growth. It is authorised by God, empowered by the Holy Spirit and expressed supremely by Jesus Christ.

Preaching has its origin in God

It is a divine command Mk 16:15 pp Mt 28:18-20 See also Jnh 1:1-2; Mt 10:5-7 pp Mk 6:7-12 pp Lk 9:1-6

It is rooted in God’s grace Eph 3:7-9 See also Isa 6:1-10; Ro 15:15-16

It is empowered by God’s Spirit Ac 1:8 See also Isa 61:1-3; Lk 24:46-49; Ac 2:1-11; Ac 4:8-12; Ac 10:44; 1Co 2:4-5

The importance of preaching and Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ himself came to preach Mk 1:38 pp Lk 4:43 See also Eph 2:17

Jesus Christ’s own ministry involved much preaching Mt 4:23 See also Mt 11:1-5 pp Lk 7:18-22

Jesus Christ commissioned his disciples to preach Mk 3:14-15 See also Mt 10:5-7 pp Lk 9:1-2

The importance of preaching and the church

It is a natural part of the church’s life Ac 8:4 See also Ac 3:11-26; Ac 15:35

It is a trust from God Gal 2:7 See also 1Th 2:4; 1Ti 1:11; Tit 1:3

It is an integral aspect of key ministries in the church 1Ti 3:2 See also Eph 4:11-12; 2Ti 4:2-5; Tit 1:7-9

Its importance to Paul 1Co 1:17-18 See also Ac 9:20-22; Ac 18:5; Ro 1:14-15; 1Co 1:22-25

It is an apostolic command 1Ti 4:13 See also 2Ti 4:2

The importance of preaching for salvation

Ro 10:14-15 See also Isa 52:7; Ro 10:17; 1Co 1:21

The importance of preaching means preachers and teachers will be judged more strictly

Jas 3:1 See also Ro 2:17-24

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