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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7748 overseers
7748 overseers

7748 overseers

In the OT a variety of supervisory roles are mentioned. In the NT “overseers” (traditionally translated “bishops”) describes the role of local church leaders.

Overseers in the OT

In secular life Ex 5:6; Ru 2:5-6; 1Ki 5:16; 2Ch 2:2; Ne 3:5; Pr 6:6-7

In religious life Nu 8:22; 1Ch 25:2; 2Ch 23:18; Ezr 3:9; Ne 11:11; Jer 20:1

Overseers in the NT

In secular life Mt 20:8

In the church Php 1:1 A title for local church leaders.

The role of local church “elders” Ac 20:28 Here, as elsewhere in the NT, “elders” and “overseers” are virtually synonymous. See also 1Pe 5:1-4

Their qualifications 1Ti 3:1-7 See also Tit 1:7

A title of Jesus Christ 1Pe 2:25

See also

2203Christ, titles of
7026church, leadership
7720elders in the church
7734leaders, spiritual
7789shepherd, church leader
8422equipping, spiritual

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