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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7725 evangelists, identity of
7725 evangelists, identity of

7725 evangelists, identity of

Some OT figures announced good news, but most evangelists are seen in the NT. The task was first given by Jesus Christ to the apostles and then to other believers. All Christians have a part in evangelism; there is, too, a special role of evangelist within the church, fulfilled by those with a particular gifting from the Holy Spirit.

An evangelist as one who announces good news

God as an announcer of good news Gal 3:8 See also Ge 12:2-3; Ge 22:18; Ge 26:4; Jer 31:3-4; Ac 10:36

OT messengers announce good news Ps 96:2-3 pp 1Ch 16:23-24 Isa 40:9 The good news of the end of the Babylonian exile. See also 2Ki 7:9; Ps 40:10; Isa 40:1-5; Isa 41:27; Isa 52:7; Na 1:15 the good news of the deliverance from Assyria; Mt 12:41 pp Lk 11:32; Ro 10:15; 2Pe 2:5

Angels announce good news Lk 2:10-11 See also Lk 1:19; Rev 14:6

John the Baptist announces good news Lk 3:18 See also Lk 3:3; Lk 16:16

Jesus Christ as an evangelist

Lk 4:18-19 See also Isa 61:1-2; Mt 4:23; Mt 9:35; Mk 1:14-15; Lk 4:43; Lk 8:1

The disciples as evangelists

Jesus Christ sends out the Twelve Mk 3:14 See also Mt 10:7-8; Lk 9:1-2,6

Jesus Christ commissions the apostles Mk 16:15 See also Mt 28:18-20; Lk 24:47; Ac 1:8

The evangelism of the apostles Ac 5:42 See also Ac 8:25 Peter and John preach the gospel in Samaria; Ac 15:7 Peter preaches the gospel to Cornelius.

Other believers as evangelists

Evangelists are gifted by God Eph 4:11

Paul as an evangelist Ac 20:24 See also Ro 1:9; Ro 15:19-20; 1Co 1:17; 2Co 2:12; Gal 2:7

Philip the evangelist Ac 21:8 See also Ac 8:5,12,35,40

Other evangelists Ac 8:4; 2Ti 4:5 Timothy’s calling includes that of an evangelist. See also Mk 5:20 pp Lk 8:39; Jn 4:28-29; Ac 18:26 Priscilla and Aquila; 1Pe 3:15

Evangelists within the family Mk 5:19 Witnessing to unbelieving partners: 1Co 7:16; 1Pe 3:1-2 Parents are a witness to their children: Eph 6:4; 2Ti 1:5; Tit 1:6

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