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7535 Greeks

7535 Greeks

The inhabitants of Greece and her empire. The term is also used to describe non-Jews, so that “Greek”, in the NT, is virtually synonymous with “Gentile”. While distinctions between Greek and Jew on the one hand, and Greek and barbarian on the other, were important in the world at large, such divisions are to have no place within the church.

The cultural distinctiveness of Greeks in NT times

Jn 7:35 See also Mk 7:26; Ac 6:1; Ac 9:29; Ro 1:14

“Greeks” used to describe non-Jews

Ac 21:27-28 See also Ac 16:1-3; Ac 20:21; Gal 2:3

“Greeks” used to refer to God-fearers

Jn 12:20 See also Ac 17:4,12,17; Ac 18:4

Greeks may reject the gospel as foolishness

1Co 1:22-23 The high value placed by the Greeks upon human wisdom could hinder their response to the gospel. See also Ac 17:18-34

In Christ there is no distinction between Greeks and Jews

Greeks and Jews share the same salvation Ro 10:11-13 See also Ro 3:28-30; 1Co 1:22-24

Greeks and Jews are united in Christ Col 3:11 See also 1Co 12:13; Gal 3:26-29

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